My First And True Love

By: Audrey Malcolm

Imagine being a young, impressionable teenager and coming into contact with a mind blowing, addictive and somewhat seductive and sophisticated subject matter. It was an unknown world that made my pulse race and my imagination run wild.

It would seem I could resist anything, except the temptation of my first love. Yes, fellow Accountants and guests, that is how I felt when I met my first and true love…Accounting.

In the early years of our relationship, Accounting made me feel I could conquer the world. It was love at first sight. I can still remember the rush I got when hearing the tantalizing tapping of the keys of the adding machines, feeling the crisp, silky smooth texture of paper between my fingers and being able to read between the spreadsheets.

People have often said that my first love is as boring as watching paint dry. I know they would feel differently if only they could experience the fiery flames that Accounting ignites in my veins when I have put together meaningful accounts from limited or lacking records.

The feeling of floating on cloud nine after I have finished an exciting and exhilarating accounting exercise that had been evading everyone. I knew I was in love with Accounting when every day I ate, slept and dreamt about Accounting’s problems.

Over the years, Accounting and I have had a love hate relationship and we have taken the bitter with the sweet. I have had several other interests on the side, but they have never swayed me to leave Accounting.

People have tried to manipulate, distort and corrupt my true love. They have gone as far as committing fraudulent acts all in the name of my true love, but Accounting has stood its ground and maintained its truth, fairness and integrity. People seem to forget that Accounting never lies and eventually shows you the true picture, especially if you know where to look, what question to ask and how to improvise and interpret information. Therefore, Accounting and I have always agreed that effective communication is critical in our relationship.

I never knew how demanding my true love was, but like a true friend, Accounting wants to see the best of its partner. Accounting made it mandatory that I studied hard to reach the top of my profession. It didn’t stop there; it still demanded that I pursued continuous professional development courses every year for the rest of my life.

At first I was frustrated and disillusioned with my true love, but I grew to realize that Accounting wanted me to become the best that I could be. In Accounting eyes, the stars were the limit and only the best was good enough.

Accounting has kept me as busy as a bee almost every day; with sometimes mind-blowing challenges.   Often times, it leaves me tired and drained at the end of the day, but the ultimate satisfaction and accomplishments made it worth the agony.

My friends and family often asked me why I stayed with Accounting after the long and sleepless nights it has put me through. Don’t even mention the tears and countless disappointments, but through it all there have been several happy, fulfilling and proud moments during our journey.

Accounting has allowed me to be independent by helping me to support myself financially and giving me the opportunity to travel both locally and internationally.

Accounting insisted that I mingled and networked with influential and prominent individuals in the society. It has built my self esteem and instilled ethical and professional standards in my life.

I know Accounting has treated me well and will never desert me. You might say that’s the reason why I still get starry-eyed when I think of Accounting.

This year, Accounting and I will be celebrating our 27th anniversary.

It is so amazing to still see Accounting so balanced, transparent, reliable, objective and relevant after so many years.

It is ironic that although several persons pursue Accounting every day, I feel honoured that Accounting has never let me down and has always stuck by my side.

Accounting and I have gone through sweet agony, but it is an open secret that we are inseparable.

Accounting has been my first and true love and we are in this for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and until death do us part.