ICAJ endorses the Economic Growth Council’s Policy Initiatives

Like other key stakeholders in Jamaican civil society, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica (ICAJ) is strongly supportive of the policy initiatives which have been submitted by the Economic Growth Council (EGC) to Cabinet to facilitate economic growth.

ICAJ is pleased with the breadth of consultations with stakeholders, including business groups, the confederation of trade unions, the Opposition, public sector agencies, ministries of government, members of academia, the media, diplomatic missions, and multilateral development agencies.

The proposals put forward by the EGC represent a significant opportunity to transform Jamaica’s economic landscape from one of economic stagnation for over 40 years to one of sustained economic growth in the foreseeable future.

ICAJ President, Mr. Bruce Scott, believes “the ability, capacity and willingness of the stakeholders to implement the reformation called for in the EGC’s report are fundamental prerequisites to Jamaica having a chance of achieving the EGC’s anticipated economic growth targets.”

Mr. Scott added, “ICAJ will continue to play its part in the development of human capital, as any modern developing economy requires trained, experienced and competent financial and accounting skills to successfully compete in the 21st century. The ICAJ intends to continue playing a role as the leading developer of financial and accountancy skills.”

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