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ICAJ Accounting Manual Exchange is a person-to-person manual exchange designed to provide students with a central place to exchange used manuals. Through this service, users are able to post used manuals they would like to exchange while others can search the database to find manuals they would like to receive.

The ICAJ does not manage the actual transactions. We simply provide a means for contacting those who wish to exchange manuals.

If you have any additional questions with regard to using the site or if you encounter a problem, please contact the site administrator at

To search the Accounting manual postings simply use the search fields on the 'Look for manuals' page. You do not have to be logged in to view the postings however you must be logged in to contact the people exchanging manuals; this is done to prevent email abuse.

An online form is provided to contact the person with the manual. You must contact them directly to make arrangements to receive the manual or find out more information. The ICAJ urges all users to exercise caution in arranging to meet with others. Individuals should consider meeting in a public or high traffic area such as the library or restaurant.

Please note that a posted manual may no longer be available or may not be as described. Always check with the course instructor to determine what manual and edition will be required.

If you wish to post a manual, you must log in. Simply enter your valid e-mail address on the 'Sign Up' page and a password will be sent to your e-mail account. You may change your password once you log in.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your account with the details of any posting you make. You may edit or remove a posting at any time through the 'your manuals for sale' page.

Once a manual has been exchanged we would ask that you remove the posting as to avoid clutter on the site and prevent unwanted e-mails to your account.

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